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Philip DeBarros

Our fearless leader Phil started in the construction business when he was fifteen, beginning as a roofer and quickly making his way up the ranks in the Toronto custom home building industry. Fast-forward to the fall of 2008, when he was hired by designer Sarah Townson to renovate her house, and things went well enough that Phil became her go-to general contractor (and pretty good friend, if you ask him). As the years went by, it became apparent that the pair’s open communication consistently led to completed projects with fewer issues and faster turnarounds than working separately, and in the spring of 2017, DXT Studio was born. Phil is an ideas guy, an executor, a former child actor, and a class clown all rolled into one. He makes a great espresso.

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Sarah Townson

Sarah graduated with honours in Interior Design from Humber College in 2005, and launched directly into a five-year tenure at II BY IV Design Associates, cutting her teeth on multi-residential, office and hospitality projects. From there, she branched out into production design at artform*, drawing sets for CBC and CTV, and designing custom homes from the ground up. During this time, she set up her freelance interiors studio, Brick Row (named for her 1907 rowhouse), and collaborated on residential and hospitality projects with designers like Gladstone Media and Hannotte Interiors. Sarah is detail-obsessed, an NCIDQ certificate holder, a registered member of ARIDO and IDC, adoptive mom to DXT’s office dog, and enthusiastic eater of Phoenix’s candy stash.

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Phoenix Grey

Phoenix received his Bachelor of Interior Design from Humber College, as well as a Bachelor of Education from York University to teach design. He’s been living and breathing design since he was old enough to operate electronics, and lived vicariously through Sims houses that he created by the masses in a virtual neighborhood any urban planner would be proud of. Phoenix’s ability to take risks and think outside the box give a refreshing outlook in the design process. He always welcomes new collaborations and strives for individualized aesthetics rather than a signature look. Outside of the office, Phoenix is frequently recognized from Instagram (and mistaken for Thor), and enjoys photography, staying active, and spending time with his menagerie of animals.

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A native of Nashville, TN, Roscoe has been a Torontonian since 2015. As a founding member of DXT Studio, Roscoe is the only one regularly found sleeping on the job, though she is keen to greet couriers, clients, and especially the Cintas guy who changes the rugs on Thursdays. She can't read or type that well, but she's the best dang public relations manager we've ever had.

Hetty O'Donnell
Office Manager/Accounting

Chris da Silva
Project Manager